Stop Seeking Validation from Others

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We have an epidemic of low self-esteem in the world today.  Too many helicopter parents, so much fear of being politically correct, and too much pandering from the education system created a generation of kids, who are now insecure, dysfunctional adults.

Once they get out in the real world, they’re shocked to discover there are no trophies for eighth place.  They’re fearful, insecure and desperate for validation from others.  And that is a life sentence for mediocrity.

Please.  Don’t ever beg for friendship, a relationship, or acceptance from anyone.  Look for those who see value in who you are.  Even though you’re not perfect, even though you’re a work in progress.

Never give away your power to others, by seeking validation or approval from them.  I have met at least 50,000 people in my life.  The number of them that I would value their opinion on how I live my life is less than ten.  The number of them that I would change how I live my life is less than one.

I create my own self-validation and you must as well. You have to know who you are, who you want to become, and what a successful life means to you. Stay true to that, and stop worrying about now many likes you get on your Instagram feed, what your parents hoped you would do, or what others think about you. What they think about you is none of your business, only what you think about you.

Because here’s the reality…

If you rely on anyone else to tell you whether you are worthy or successful, you can never be either.

When I was about to be thrown out of school, the counselor suggested that if I took training at the technical college, I could wind up a heating and air conditioning tech.  My family suggested that if I would move to Janesville, I could wind up with a steady job at the GM plant.  I chose my own path, and wound up as Randy Gage.

Who do you want to end up as?


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