Stop Trying the Save the World

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Do you find that you are continuously “rescuing” the people around you from adverse consequences? Does it seem you’re lurching from crisis to crisis?  Are you always having to be the superhero and save the day for everyone in your world? 

Have you given any serious thought why this pattern has developed?  I can’t say for certain in your case.  But I’ll tell you what the smart betting money is on…

Low self-esteem.  Worthiness issues.

I did this for decades.  The number of business ventures I entered into with hopeless, hapless and helpless people is mind-boggling.  But it allowed me to ride in as the white knight and save the day.  I found myself doing a similar thing with dysfunctional relationships, and in other areas.

What I did, and what you could be doing – is creating more obstacles and challenges in your life. The subconscious driver for this is to give yourself a more heroic hero’s journey – to try and overcome feelings on unworthiness.

And it will never work…

Because while it’s wonderful that you want to save the world, that really can’t happen if you don’t save yourself first.  You have to deal with the core issue: loving yourself and having a healthy self-esteem.  We’ll explore that more in the next few posts.  In the meantime, be sure and listen to my podcast episode for today.  It’s a deeper dive into this issue.


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