Sunland Park Dinosaur Tracks in El Paso, Texas

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Dinosaur tracks!

In 2003, dinosaur tracks were discovered by geologist Eric Kappus at Cerro de Cristo Rey. These 97 million-year-old footprints speckle the landscape and are a wondrous glimpse of the prehistoric past.

Millions of years ago, the Chihuahuan Desert was a wet, mucky place. And though millennia of geological activity has transformed the area into the dry environment it is today, it’s still possible to see evidence of the dinosaurs that once roamed there.

While exploring the area, you’ll come across tracks made by creatures of the Cretaceous Period. You can see fossil beds and enormous trackways where it looks like a whole herd of dinosaurs once passed through.

Insights El Paso Science Center owns 211 acres of land in Sunland Park that’s full of fossilized tracks near the border of two countries and three states. Their docents lead different tours to the prehistoric footprints.