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In the last post, I challenged your appraisal of your mindset and the nature of your thoughts.  So what is the real situation of your mindset?

Here’s a little test.  If you answer it honestly, not shaded by what you want to believe, you’ll learn the truth.

  1. When you approach someone you’re attracted to, is your first thought fear of rejection?
  2. You’re in a sports event and it’s down to the final seconds. One person will be the hero or the failure. Do you want to be that person?
  3. You’re at an event where they are drawing raffle tickets. Do you expect to win or lose?
  4. You come into a large sum of money. Do you get nervous, think it’s a mistake, or expect to lose it somehow?
  5. If you told the five people closest to you that you just came up with a $50 million idea – would they enthusiastically support it, or immediately tell you all the reasons it will fail?
  6. Is your best friend someone who is your lifelong partner in working toward success, or a fellow “victim” that you commiserate with?
  7. When things are really going great for you, do you get a little apprehensive, and kind of wait for the other shoe to drop?
  8. If you were in the bottom two vote getters on “American Idol” and Ryan Seacrest started to announce who was cut, would you already be thinking it was you?
  9. Do you ever use expressions like, “I never win anything,” “All the good guys are married or gay,” “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all,” “People around here are stuck up/not very friendly,” etc., or “I can’t believe I won!”?
  10. Are you a regular viewer of reality shows, which are centered in lack?
  11. Do you secretly fear that if you become rich and successful, your friends and family may not like you any more?
  12. Was your religious upbringing centered on concepts of original sin, paying penance here with rewards in the afterlife, or a flawed individual needed salvation?
  13. If you were driving along the highway and you saw a Rolls Royce or Ferrari with a flat tire, would you find that amusing?
  14. Do you have a pattern of repeating negative relationships?
  15. Do you have limiting core beliefs about success; thinking things like you have to have money to make money, need connections, higher education, etc.?
  16. Do you ever use lack-centered expressions such as “poor as a church mouse,” “filthy rich,” or “obscenely rich?”
  17. Do you get jealous of people who have very expensive clothes, cars, and other things?
  18. Would you (or do you) feel guilty if you earn more than your parents, spouse or best friend does?
  19. Do you really expect to “live happily ever after” with your mate, or do you secretly expect the relationship to fail?
  20. Do you exhibit a strong fear of loss mentality with extra locks, extraneous insurance, alarms on everything, etc.?

Give this some real thought, and get a real understanding of how positive or negative your customary thoughts really are.  And please – share your conclusions below!  We’ll look at how to make them more positive in the upcoming posts.

– RG

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