Takes 15 Seconds: Give Yourself a Chance to Win 500,000 American Airlines Miles & Other Prizes

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Here’s a question that’s always fun to think about – what would you do with 500,000 free American Airlines miles?  Would you fly your entire family to Europe first class?  Would you surprise your best friend with a three-month multi-destination adventure?  Or would you take the opportunity to pack up for a year and explore the world?

I imagine with that many free flights I’d take the opportunity to visit friends who are scattered all over the world.  You know, the people who you promise to visit at some point, but then have trouble finding the time or money to do so…I’d start in Basel, Switzerland then head to London, New York, Japan, and still have a few miles leftover.  500,000 free miles feels a bit akin to winning the lottery.  Especially for those who love to travel.

Well, now there’s a chance to make this fantasy a reality – American Airlines is giving away 500,000 miles to one lucky winner and it is super easy to sign up for this sweepstakes.

The best part?  It’s totally free to enter.  If you’re feeling lucky be sure to peruse our complete guide to using American Airlines miles so you’re armed with all the tricks and tips you need for getting the most out of the miles.  And if you’re not feeling so lucky, you can pick up bunches of miles from all sorts of airlines with some of the best travel rewards credit cards.

Where Would You Travel if You Won 500,000 Miles From American Airlines?

What’s the Deal With This American Airlines Giveaway?

American Airlines has been offering some pretty enticing promotions this holiday season.  You can earn 50,000 miles with their Holiday Hero campaign.  And they had some nice offers available through their shopping portal.  But this one might be the best yet.

They are calling it the “Million Mile Sweepstakes.”  You’ll have a chance to win 500,000 miles plus a cruise for 2 by simply signing up for their cruise newsletter.  They’re also giving away 100,000 miles to 5 other winners.

Here’s How to Sign Up

Presumably, this promotion is targeted to folks who might be likely to sign up for a cruise through American Airlines.  But you don’t actually have to purchase a cruise to qualify.  In fact, purchasing a cruise won’t impact your chances of winning.  You’ll just need to sign up for the newsletter before January 31, 2019.  You need to be a resident of the United States and at least 21 years old to enter.

That’s about it.

Winners will be selected ~60 days after the sweepstakes ends and will be notified by email.  You’ll have 3 days to respond and claim your prize if you’re a winner – so make sure to start monitoring your inbox around March 30, 2018!

I just signed up and it took ~15 seconds.  I checked my email to make sure I registered correctly and saw the confirmation letter.  Now I’m just going to have to keep an eye out and fingers crossed for some good news.

What do you think about this giveaway?  Is it worth trying your luck to win 500,000 or even 100,00 miles?  I feel like there’s no risk here – I’ve signed up for plenty of newsletters to simply get 10% off a set of towels I’m ordering.  So this one seems like a huge reward to risk ratio!

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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