The 51 Percent Tipping Point towards Prosperity

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In the last post we talked about “catching” your negative thoughts.  Every time you do this, they lose some of their power over you, because they cannot subconsciously influence your behavior.  They can still affect you, even give you fear.  But you know they are giving you fear, and that makes a difference.

When you know that someone or something is trying to hold you down, they lose some of their power over you.  It brings part of the equation up from the subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

Here’s what else happens…

Every time you notice a negative thought, it becomes categorized and labeled in your mind, and you will almost always notice that same thought again.  Each time it gets weaker in its pull over you.  And you start to notice other negative thoughts…

Slowly over time, you begin to notice more and more negative thoughts.  Each time you start to reposition them.  And each time this happens, you inch a little closer to the positive side of the equation.  And then one day you wake up, and you are at 51 percent positive thoughts.

And the second that happens, you have broken through!  You’ve reached the tipping point in your thought process towards health, happiness, and prosperity.  I’ll explain more how that process works in tomorrow’s post.  Until then, have a thoroughly freakin’ amazing day!


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