The Ancient Savagery and Barbarianism of 2018…

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It’s fascinating to look back to centuries (or sometimes just decades past), and see how barbaric, savage, and uncivilized we were as a species.

From segregated drinking fountains, slavery, the Inquisition, the holocaust, laws against interracial marriage, to sacrificing virgins at the alter – humans have perpetuated some pretty horrific, cruel, and unconscionable things.

At some point, enlightened humans will look back on 2018, and be horrified to learn that this society believed that some things like the following were acceptable:

  • We raced horses and dogs around a track for gambling and entertainment.
  • We allowed religious and educational institutions to falsely teach that there are only two genders.
  • We kept animals in zoos for exhibition.
  • We elected a president in the most powerful country on earth, and his party leaders stood by silently, as he publicly attacked individuals, mocking them on their intellect, ethnicity, disabilities, or physical features.
  • We forced animals to perform in marine parks, bull fighting rings, and circuses for amusement.
  • We separated immigrant babies and toddlers from their parents, and then deported some of those parents, without regard for what would happen to the children.
  • We believed that non-heterosexuals did not deserve the same human rights as heterosexuals.
  • We exploited college athletes and forced them to perform for their education to fund a multi-billion-dollar cash flow machine.

There is no doubt in my mind that human consciousness will evolve to the point that a future generation will look back in horror at these practices.  The only thing that remains in doubt, is which generation will be the first to do it.

I’m just ashamed that it wasn’t mine.


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