The Best Way to Save the World

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Next month, we begin hurricane season in the Atlantic.  Yet huge swaths of Puerto Rico are still without power from the last one.  The big Island of Hawaii has the Kilauea volcano threatening residents and on Kaua’i they’ve had serious flooding, forcing many from their homes.

Truth is, there are natural disasters, emergencies and other challenges happening to people every day.  So how do we deal with them?

The best way to be prepared for disasters and challenges and other unexpected emergencies is to be wealthy.

I’m not saying that to be snarky, disrespectful, or arrogant. I mean it seriously. I know what it is to be displaced by a hurricane and have great empathy for the people in Hawaii and the victims of other tragedies.  And do what I can personally to help.

And what I have learned is this.  When I was broke, I couldn’t help many people, because I usually couldn’t even help myself.

The best way to help the poor, downtrodden and victimized – is not be one of them.


– RG

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