The Breakthrough Truth

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I was counseling with someone, working with him on an action plan for where he wants to go.  In the course of the exchange, we uncovered one of the most simple, but profoundly brilliant truths on breakthroughs you can ever discover. 

Over the course of his discussion, he shared that he had made a clean break, and was willing to leave his old, dysfunction life behind him.  A huge breakthrough for him.

But then he did something that would have blown up the process, if we didn’t catch it…

Because his next statement was a rant on the things he felt were preventing him from moving forward.  In that statement I recognized three beliefs he had – three beliefs that were from his “old” life.

And I told him the same thing I’ll tell you right here, right now.

You can’t start a new life with the same beliefs you had in the old one.  The only way to get a clean start, is to change the beliefs that were holding you back in the old one.

You have to unpack the luggage, and put in some different clothes in for the new trip…


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