The Brutal, But Honest Truth About Zyntravel.

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If you are looking for the truth about Zyndio’s newest product offering ZynTravel, you’ve come to the right place.  To be fair, this review is biased, we are affiliated with the team and believe that it is one of the best kept secrets in the MLM space.  But, although we are biased, the information you are about to receive is accurate and unfiltered.  You see, we believe there is nothing to hide.  This article will give you the REAL facts about the company, it’s revolutionary comp plan, and, its explosive backdrop and history. 

But be warned:  If you are looking for an exciting new way to make money and travel the world, well…you may have just accidentally found it—hope you have your suitcase ready!

Who Founded ZynTravel?

ZynTravel is the flagship product of the newly formed direct sales company Zyndio, which is a revolutionary new lifestyle company built with one goal in mind--to give aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs the products, systems and support they need to build life-changing incomes from home.

Already in over 134 countries around the world, Zyndio is skyrocketing into the main stream with it’s pre-launch barely off the ground.  Founded with the help of Industry legend’s Anthony Powell, Roberto Gonzalez and a host of other 6 and 7 figure earners, Zyndio is the epitome of what direct sales agents are looking for. 

After collaborating on what their years in the industry have shown them to be the best practices of “what works and what doesn’t”, these industry masterminds got together and created a “wish-list” of items that could revolutionize the industry.  By putting power back into the hands of the affiliates, offering a compensation plan that does what it says, and building leadership circles with proven techniques from over 40 years of collective experience, Zyndio is poised to attract the “best of the best” in the direct sales industry. 

Is ZynTravel a Legitimate Company?

How does it work? Well, our strategy is, we play by a different set of rules. Unlike our competitors who spend millions of dollars on media advertising, telemarketing and mass mailings to attract new customers, Zyndio leverages the power of individuals like you to share our message with the masses.  That way, instead of paying millions of dollars to large advertising firms, we pay it out to YOU, our loyal affiliates who help introduce our services to the people you know. 

The main reason we love this model is it not only helps our company grow faster, it also allows our internal marketers, or what we call “Preferred Business Customers,” make enough money to break free from living pay check to pay check and for the first time in their lives take control of their own destiny.

Now in order to attract the right people, we knew we had to create an unprecedented opportunity—one that had never existed before in the direct sales industry. And to do this we needed a concept that consisted of 4 things:

  1. A revolutionary new products that were in such High demand they would virtually sell themselves.
  2. A revolutionary new comp plan that paid both immediate and long term residual income.
  3. Automated Sales funnels that would prospect, sort and sell, through all social channels, email and sms messaging platforms.
  4. Automated training systems that would help every new business owner learn the skills, techniques and mindset necessary to succeed in business.

And 5. A Leadership development program that could take any business owner and teach them how to effectively manage and lead their team. 

It has taken several years and millions of dollars to build, but we finally did it. And now anyone who wants a proven opportunity for making life-changing income from home, have a way to do it.

What is Zyntravel?

ZynTravel is the first flagship product of Zyndio and its and its already being called the Internet’s NEXT BIG THING!

Think for a moment about the last time you or someone you know took a trip?  It could have been to that cute little hotel down the road, or to a lush tropical resort, thousands of miles away.  It could have been for fun, business, a family emergency, or maybe you or someone you know just needed to get away…The fact is, everyday, millions of people around the world go online, pull out their credit cards and spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to ride, fly, sleep and play at thousands of destinations across the globe.   Now imagine if every time someone you knew jumped on a plane, rented a car or booked a hotel, you got PAID!

This is the power of Zyntravel, an opportunity to change the quality of your life by getting plugged in to the fastest, most rewarding Industry on the Planet.  Think about the possibilities that would exist if you could build a residual income, that paid you month after month, by doing nothing more that helping people save money on the travel services they’re already paying for.  No brainer, right?  And we’re not talking about selling people into some new way of travelling or trying to convince them of using a different product; they can continue to travel to the same destinations, using the same resources they do now…they just simply use our online booking terminal and immediately lock in savings of up to 85% off of what they would normally pay elsewhere.  And this doesn’t just help everyone else, it’s a win/win for you as well.  As a member, you will get access to deep discounts on destinations around the world that will finally give you the chance to go places you’ve been dying to visit. 

Starting to see the picture?  Well keep reading, we’re about to open your eyes to just how big this opportunity really is.

How Zyntravel Compares to other MLM’s.

Zyntravel is the result of millions of dollars, spent on research and technology and is now set up to capitalize on the largest searched commodity on the Internet…TRAVEL.

For all of Google searches related to the consumer industry, nothing comes close to Travel.  It’s estimated that we spend up to 5 hours per week daydreaming, researching or discussing travel plans to one place or another.  As a ZynTravel Preferred Customer, think how easy it would be to simply say, “hey I know a place where you could probably save up to 50% on that trip, using all the same services.” Who would say no?  Why would they? You just helped them save a ton of money, and regardless of what income bracket people are in, everyone loves to save money. 

Are you curious to know just how much money is currently being spent on travel? You may want to pull out your calculator as we show you just how explosive this in-demand service really is.

In 2014 the travel industry worldwide grossed over 7.5 Trillion dollars.  To put that into perspective, let’s compare it to some other industries that you may be familiar with. 

The Coffee Industry, fueled recently by corporate giants like Dunkin Doughnuts and Starbucks, produces revenue of roughly 100 Billion a year. 

Next, the Nutrition Industry, which grosses more than double that of the coffee industry, produces roughly 220 billion a year.  If we were to look at how much that is per day, it would be nearly $603 million dollars.  Pretty impressive, right.

Well, if you’re thinking that’s the biggest opportunity for making money, pay close attention to what you’re about to see.

Up next is Travel, or what we call the online Juggernaut! In 2014, the Travel Industry grossed a staggering 7.5 Trillion dollars, (yeah, we said wow too, crazy right?) and is poised to grow to over 13 Trillion over the next decade.  AMAZING!!!

If you compared these industries side by side and let’s say we used a marble to represent 1Million dollars in profit from each industry, this is what it would look like in comparison. 

As you can see, for the Coffee Industry which grosses roughly 100 Billion, would be represented by 100,000 marbles.

Next, we have the Nutrition Industry at 220,000 Marbles.  More than Double that of coffee. 

But now let’s compare that to Zyntravel’s opportunity…

By comparison it would take nearly 7.5 million marbles or 75 equivalent cylinders to make up the difference.

And that’s not even the best part.  Right now there are roughly 3-5 Thousand nutrition companies on the scene fighting for space, with 2/3 of the nutrition being sold through retail establishments like GNC and 1/3 through direct sales companies.  The competition is cut-throat and the products are having to constantly evolve in order to stay relevant.  With Travel, you don't’ have any of that. 

How Competitive is the MLM Travel Industry?

Travel has less than 10 solid competitors emerging on the scene?  And if you took just 1% of the travel industry profit and split it between 10 companies it would still be exponentially more lucrative than all the other opportunities combined…by a lot.  We wanted our members to have long term security, so we chose a product that will give them the best possible chance for success.

With access to flights from all major airlines, over 300,000 hotel and time share accommodations, cruise lines, rental cars and a host of activity packages, Zyntravel is as a turnkey business that can offer you a chance to WIN BIG.

Is ZynTravel a Good Business Opportunity?

Here’s what you will get access to as you join the Zyntravel team. We call them the 8 realities of success.

  1. The power of Time Freedom. This is where your money starts to work for you and allows you complete control on how you schedule your day.
  2. Unlimited income potential. With Zyntravel there is literally no ceiling to how much you can make, it is all dependent on the effort your willing to put in.
  3. A premiere product. Our Prestigious Travel services are easy to sell and in the highest demand worldwide. In fact, there is no real selling involved, you just need direct them to your secure Online portal that let’s them book the exact same services they were already going to use, with better pricing.
  4. Proprietary back end training and support system. Book travel, Manage customer data, track income goals and sales, hold webinars and monitor your team, all from one simple to use location.
  5. Built-in Automated Marketing tools and sales funnels that promote, sort and sell for you online, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  6. The freedom to Run your business from anywhere you have an internet connection. Plug in at the coffee shop, home office or your favorite chair by the pool. Create your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want.
  7. Get started for a fraction of the capital it would take to start a traditional business. You will have access to tools and distribution models that would have taken you millions of dollars to create on your own.

And lastly number 8.  With Zyntravel you have don't have to worry about normal business expenses and procedures such as paying for overhead, managing employees, or paying for special business training or technical skills.  We provide all of it for you.

Zyntravel truly is your passport to independence, and the key to getting you the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.  Our business model was created to teach you all the skills you need to build your business fast, so you can create enough income to come aboard full-time. Or to build it slow, so that you can continue to work at your job while you build your residual income on the side over a period of time.

How do you make money with ZynTravel?

Our revolutionary new compensation plan offers 8 incredible ways to get paid on our travel product.  It was designed to offer fast-cash bonuses on volume for those how want to jump in with both feet and hit the ground running, and also residual payouts for those wanting to build powerful recurring income over time.

Getting started is simple.  We have 3 packages to choose from, each one representing a different starting point and bonus structure.  We recommend where possible, starting with our Platinum package as it gives you instant access to every way we pay and has built in incentives to move you ahead faster.  This package pays on all levels and maxes out all bonus structures to their highest payouts, giving you the opportunity to dramatically change your financial situation in a very short amount of time.

Right now you have the opportunity to get on board with the next “monster” opportunity, in an industry that is poised to produce more millionaires then all other industries combined.

At Zyntravel, we want to work with you as part of our team, to help you reach your goals of becoming financially independent with the kind of income that gives you options, both now and in the future.

And remember, with Zyntravel you don't just have an incredible product, you will have a million-dollar marketing system, world class support team and mentors who know how to win BIG.  We have spared no expense in creating the greatest opportunity for amassing wealth the direct sales industry has ever seen.   

Get started now and let Zyntravel introduce you to the best that life has to offer.