The Cold, Hard Truth…

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Everyone makes mistakes.  The reason some people manifest high levels of health, happiness and prosperity, is because they don’t repeat the same mistakes.  People who find themselves tearfully wondering, “why is this happening to me again?” usually aren’t dealing with reality.

They live in a delusional space where they’ve become good at lying to themselves.  They desperately attempt to convince themselves that real change isn’t required, that if they make some shallow, superficial change, the issue will be solved.  But of course it isn’t…

Because unless and until you change the underlying belief and behavior that is causing the bad results – those bad results are going to continue to manifest.

Like right now, odds are that subconsciously, you want me to explain this deeper.  You’re looking for someone to break the news about what is really holding you back.  (It’s flattering to tell yourself that, and make pretend that you are serious about improving you.)   But the truth is, only you can do that.

Because when you stop the avoidance behavior, and choose to leave delusion – you know exactly which behavior you need to change right now.

Don’t you?

– RG

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