The Doubt Channel versus the Dream Channel

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Eleanor Roosevelt suggested that the future would belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.   She’s got my vote.

Accomplishing something really special, extremely difficult, and especially something truly worthwhile – is usually going to involve overcoming obstacles, needing to learn new things, and perhaps facing fears.

So how do you get past all that, and end up in the Promised Land?

A big part of that is which channel you watch.  The Doubt Channel or the Dream Channel.

I would make the argument that 85 percent of people have a default setting to play the Doubt Channel.  They have a knee-jerk reaction to highlight potential difficulties, worst-case scenarios, and the rational for why it won’t work.

The remaining 15 percent have a default for the Dream Channel.  They envision the possibilities and potential.  These factors override the potential negative ones for them.   And I’d argue that this 15 percent of the population is responsible for 85 percent of the world’s best breakthroughs, innovations and inventions.  And of course, these people are the most likely to be actually living their dreams.

And I believe the reason is that they create the right stimuli for success.  They reach some astonishing achievements because they have discovered one simple, yet profound truth…

If your mind is filled with goals and dreams, there’s no room left for fear and doubt.

– RG

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