The Education System is Broken

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August 13, 2024

“Sandy, I just got your progress update, and you’re failing your nine-month online certification!”

“It’s no big deal, Mom.  I’m sure I’ll improve before the final certifications are issued.”

“It is a big deal.  If you don’t pass this, you’re going to have to go to college and get an MBA degree.  If you have to settle for a college degree, you’ll never get a good job, and you’ll make less money for the rest of your life.”

If you read my Mad Genius book, then you’ll recognize the excerpt above.  Education may be the most critical issue we have to deal with: relearning how to learn.  If we actually were able to jump into a DeLorean DMC-12, travel back to the 18th century, and bring back Immanuel Kant, Thomas Jefferson, or Adam Smith, there is one thing they would immediately recognize: our education system.

Three centuries later, we’re still following the same educational model they used back then, one that was designed to train people to work in factories or on farms.

Other than faint flickers of creativity in the movement toward online learning, education is still stuck in thinking that’s three centuries old.  Is it any wonder that the executives who were trained in our business schools exhibit such derivative, herd-mentality, corporate thinking today?

Simply making the leap from training knowledge workers instead of factory workers would be huge, but that’s still not enough.  We have to (get to) rethink the role and value of acquiring knowledge.  And if you’re serious about manifesting prosperity in your life, you’ll stop waiting for institutions to provide for you, and take charge of your own learning.

Will the time really come when a college degree is a fallback option for people who couldn’t cut it in some kind of specific online vocational certification?  Will we reach a point when a six- or nine-month certification in some area from some entity (might be a university, might not be) will be infinitely more valuable than an MBA or even a PhD?

I believe so.

These questions will require thinking much bigger than debating campus versus online learning.  The discussion needs to be on issues such as the definition of learning, how we learn, and what learning is actually useful and necessary.

Colleges as we know them, will go extinct…

And the disruption is spreading beyond higher education.  People are demanding more learning options, and that means online courses offered by experts and professionals are going to become way more than a trend.

They’re the future of education.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out my friend Danny Iny was writing a new book all about the disruption of education and why that’s a good thing.  Danny’s a smart guy, and more importantly, a critical thinker.  The book is Leveraged Learning: How The Disruption Of Education Helps Lifelong Learners And Experts With Something To Teach.

If you’re involved in education in any way, as a student, parent, educator, business leader, expert, and especially as an entrepreneur with something to share…

Then you’ve got to read Danny’s book.  He’s posting the entire book online for free, and you can go read it now here.

The education model is broken.  It’s time we take it back.



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