The Elvis Shrine Vault in Atlanta, Georgia

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Better 'N White Bread

The neighborhood of Little Five Points (L5P) is known as the counter culture epicenter of Atlanta. Unable to bear something as corporate as a bank, the building that was once a prominent city bank has now been converted into the Star Community Bar (known locally as "Star Bar"). 

Faced with the dilemma of what to do with the heavily fortified vault, Star Bar found the perfect solution: re-purpose the space as an eternal shrine to Elvis Presley. The original vault door and locking mechanisms can still be seen guarding the memory of The King.

The "Grace Vault" includes loads of memorabilia where safety deposit boxes can still be seen and a subject appropriate "throne" at the head of the room. Visitors come to visit and pay their respects to Elvis' enduring memory at this bizarre and unique tribute to The King.