The Evolution of You

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When he was writing East of Eden, John Steinbeck wrote an ongoing series of letters to his editor each day before he worked on the manuscript.  In the beginning he suggested that there was only one book to a person.  But that it is also true that a person may change and grow until they become another person, thus having another book to write. 

Having written eleven books, and now working on my twelfth, I can confirm the theory.  Risky Is the New Safe was the benchmark of where I was at the time.  And without a two-year sabbatical of intense introspection, Mad Genius could never have come to fruition.

Somehow I believe the same in true for Jonny Lang’s new album, Maya Angelou’s next book of poetry, or the next production Travis Wall choreographs.

And isn’t this also true of you?

The entrepreneur planning the café she wants to launch, the Internet marketer creating his next marketing campaign, or the stay at home mom planning her newborn’s pre-kindergarten learning program…

Sometimes the reason you’re not able to pull the trigger on a new project or venture – is because you haven’t yet become the person who is capable of doing it.  You need the next chapter in your journey of self-development and personal growth.  And the delicate dance of your evolution marches on…

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