The Philosophy You Live By

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On a podcast last week, the host asked me about the books that have impacted me the most.  As usual, I mentioned Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.   That book influenced me so deeply, because it crystalized my revelation that in order to become happy, people must live by a congruent philosophy.

And that’s why so many people are unhappy, even miserable.  Because they haven’t done the introspection to discover their own philosophy; what really matters to them.

Until you do that, you usually just react mindlessly to outside stimuli: The latest stupid tweet from the president, a snub in the Oscar nominations, a 40 percent off sale at Sears, or who unfriended you on Facebook.  (If you ever see me get excited because, “It’s pumpkin spice time of year,” please kill me)

Even worse are the people who simply tell themselves they live by a congruent philosophy, but don’t.  It’s really not that important to define your philosophy in a catchy mission or vision statement.  Your philosophy is best expressed by your day-to-day actions; how you live.   And that’s what we’ll explore in the next post…


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