The Powerful Benefits of Ego

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When my Risky Is the New Safe book came out, there was a lot of controversy over the chapter on ego.  I made the case that every successful achiever (business, sports, government, etc.) had a strong ego.  And that ego can be channeled into positive energy.

Many people still have a hard time accepting this today, because ego gets such a bad rap from so many speakers, authors, and others in the self-development space.  They’re missing out on a huge component of becoming successful.

That doesn’t mean ego is always good.  Many times it is hurtful.  But there’s a pretty simply formula to know when it’s good or bad.

When you are channeling ego to develop a stronger sense of self, it’s quite empowering.  It gives you the state of mind to attempt more bold, daring and adventurous things.  And gives you greater confidence that you can achieve them.

Now when your ego is driving you to achieve things in such as way as you become totally oblivious to the good of others – or actually exploiting others to achieve your goals – now you’ve discovered the bad side to be avoided.

That’s my take.  What do you think?


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