The Practice of Prosperous Thinking

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Manifesting abundance and prosperity in your life has a lot to do with mental training.  Coaching, guiding, and directing your conscious mind.  You have to be mindful, practicing self-awareness, so you become the conscious thinker of the thought.

This is a process of substitution and replacement.

Thoughts have a powerful emotional impact on your mind and you must direct them. You must learn to substitute positive, empowering thoughts for negative, limiting ones.

This doesn’t mean you suppress negative thoughts or desolate emotions.  They’re part of the game too.  You can notice and acknowledge them.  Recognize the cause and the lesson these feelings and thoughts hold for you.  Then release them, and replace them with a more constructive and inspiring ones.

Once you develop this ability, you achieve true self-mastery.  And even better, you’re able to make a much more powerful contribution to the world around you.

How you doing on that?

– RG

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