The Process of Mental Transformation

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If you look for the most essential step it takes to go from broke to wealthy, depressed to happy, or ill to healthy – it is a procession of transforming the way you think.  

The Buddhist theory of mental transformation involves three levels of understanding.  These levels of understanding are experienced through

  • Learning
  • Reflection
  • Contemplative experience

We all learn.  At least we’re taught stuff to memorize, like what dates wars took place and what the sum of four plus three is.  And therein lies the problem with the system of education we practice on the world today.  It’s dedicated to teaching us what to think and which facts we should remember.

Of course the real breakthroughs come when you learn how to think instead of what to think.  It is those two last steps above, the reflection and contemplative experience where wisdom, insights and innovation come from.  Buddhists may not see it that way, but I view this as the critical thinking element.

In tomorrow’s post, we’ll explore how you can make this transformation work better for you.  Until then, please share any thoughts you have below.


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