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Imagine this scenario: Someone wakes up, grabs their phone to check what snarky tweet President Trump sent out that morning.  Then they click the link to read the BREAKING NEWS story that CNN is airing to overreact about the tweet.  Then they click to a blog somewhere where the Trump supporters are overreacting to the overreaction.  Then they scroll their Facebook feed to read the insults between the two sides on this latest rift…

Do you realize, this is how millions of people start their day?

Think about what kind of consciousness you’re taking into your day, if you start it that way.

You become what you think about.  You become what you think about.  You become what you think about.  Did I mention, you become what you think about?

The scenario above isn’t just a U.S. thing.  I see the same rancorous division and personal attacks happening all over the world.  People aren’t debating ideas anymore; they are personally attacking the people who believe in different ideas than they do.

And if the majority of what you think about is chaos, attacks, and vitriol, guess what kind of person you become.

Show me who you hang with, and what you think about, and I can predict your future.  With disquieting accuracy.  Imagine if instead of waking in the manner above, you woke up and spent a few minutes reading The Science of Mind, or As a Man Thinketh.  How you start your day is probably the primary engine for how it will end.

So let’s hang out…

Let’s talk about positive things.  Focus on becoming better versions of ourselves.  And move closer each day to prosperity and enlightenment…

So stop by here often.  I’m posting every weekday.  Sometimes even more.  Comment and share the posts.  (And what’s up with the comments?  Even though traffic is strong, there are very few comments since I started posting regular again.  Let’s make this blog a safe space where we can debate ideas, without the attacks and rancor.  Please let me here from you.)


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BTW, I’m working on a new episode now, original content just for the podcast peeps.  The title is, Cocaine Cowboys, a Pool of Blood, and the Cost of Your Dream.  Watch for it in a couple days!

– RG

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