The Reality of Reality

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I’m writing this on an American Airlines jet, flying from NYC down to Miami.  No entertainment system on the plane.  The head flight attendant is one of those lifers, waiting out the minutes to his retirement, doing his best to put up with the inconvenience of taking care of customers.  He didn’t offer me a drink after boarding.  Served the vegetarian lasagna almost room temperature, because it wasn’t heated long enough.  Forgot my drink with dinner.

And I’m freakin’ loving this flight! 

In fact, I’m happier than a bird with a french fry right now.  This might be the happiest flight I’ve been on a flight in all of 2018.


Because I finished my program in New York and it was storming outside.  I got three alerts from AA in a row, showing later and later departure times for my flight.  So I hustled to the airport and got on an earlier flight.  This one.

Everything is relative.

Odds are my original scheduled flight would keep getting moved later or likely cancelled.  And I’d be stuck overnight in a cold, rainy place.  Instead I got on a flight scheduled 90 minutes earlier, and it took off ten minutes early!  So I will be home to see most of the World Series game tonight.  I will sleep in my own bed, and wake up in sunny, warm South Beach tomorrow.

Here’s the thing about reality.  It isn’t positive; it isn’t negative.  It’s neutral.  You get to decide if it’s positive or negative.



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