The Shocking Truth about Positive People

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You know I’m forever talking about the power of thought and the role it plays in your success – or failure.  But buying into the belief that you are only your thoughts, or your thoughts always control you, is dangerous. 

Because here’s the shocking “secret” about positive and successful people.  They also sometimes have negative thoughts.

Everyone occasionally slips back into negative spaces and can experience petty, jealous, or spiteful thoughts.

Sometimes you feel like saying something mean or snarky, or taking an action that is wrong or even evil.  But successful people override that thought, and simply don’t take that negative action.

Sometimes you simply don’t feel like working out, finishing a project, or doing the right thing.  But successful people override that limiting thought and act anyway.

It’s great to do self-development work and get your mindset in a positive place.  But that won’t always be the case.  Sometimes your mindset isn’t going to support the long-term goals you want to achieve, or the person you wish to become.

But you always get the final choice…

Because the final verdict is not which thought you are having, but how you choose to act.

– RG

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