The Top 2 Causes of Fear of Success

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So why don’t you achieve higher levels of success?  Many people think it’s because they have fear of failure.  But much more often, it’s fear of success.  This comes in two tracks…

1) Negative Programming about Success 

Sometimes this fear is because they are programming with limiting beliefs.  (Money is bad, rich people are evil, it’s noble to be poor, etc.)

In cases like this, they subconsciously self-sabotage their success, so they can continue believing that because they are meek, poor or a victim – it makes them a good person.  (Or that they are going to be rewarded in an afterlife.)  So they live their life in a way that ensures they never become too successful.

2) Worthiness Issues

The other frequent cause is also rooted in fear of success.  Which is misleading, because that isn’t the true cause.  They do have fear of success.  But the reason they have fear of success is because they don’t believe they are worthy of that success.

Somewhere along the line, they bought a story.  Often it’s because a parent, teacher, coach or other influential presence in their life abused or demeaned them at a young age.  EX: They were told they were a sorry sinner by organized religion.  Someone told them they had no talent.  Their father withheld love and always made unrealistic demands on them.  Then at some point, they started believing the story.  Now they’re wounded individuals, going through life believing they don’t deserve health, happiness, or prosperity.

Whenever they get a taste of success, come up for a promotion, or things in life start really going great, they feel guilty.  They honestly don’t believe they deserve the good that is happening.  And they become anxious, fearing that someone is going to discover they are an imposter.  And just like in the first track, they probably have no idea they are subconsciously sabotaging themselves.

Either track is a tragedy.  Please.  Make sure that you don’t go down either of these paths.

You were born to be prosperous. Really.


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