This Is How I Complete the Minimum Spend Requirements for New Travel Credit Cards

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I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world like I never thought possible thanks to credit card rewards points.  My goals are to travel domestically at least ~3-4 times a year to visit family and friends, and to take ~1-2 international trips.  I thought that my travel schedule would have to stop after I had my daughter, who just turned 1, but we’ve barely slowed down!

I sign-up for new credit cards to maintain miles & points to fulfill my travel goals throughout the year.  A few of my favorite programs are Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which I can use for domestic travel, international travel, and hotels!  And I love American Airlines miles for international trips as well.

My Goal Is to Travel Internationally at Least 1-2 Times per Year.  So I Apply for Travel Credit Cards to Do So!

Meeting the minimum spending requirements on lots of credit cards can be daunting.  You have to complete the minimum spending, or you don’t get the intro bonus!  You can easily screw up your credit if you don’t manage credit card responsibilities well.  Even I’ve forgotten to pay a credit card balance and had my account closed because of it.  So we are sharing our stories so that YOU don’t make the same costly mistakes.

How I Complete the Minimum Spending on My Credit Cards

When I get a new credit card, I put it front and center in my wallet and use it for everything I possibly can, including groceries, gas, medical bills, and any other day-to-day expenses.  Here are a few other ways that help me meet my target spending sooner:

  • I immediately update my cell phone account with the new credit card information and even prepay a few months’ worth of charges
  • I buy holiday gifts in advance, such as buying several gift cards at a time
  • I’ll add a family member as an authorized user.  My mom sometimes has hundreds of dollars of charges to pay, so I made her an authorized user on my credit card, and she writes me a check in exchange!
  • I prepay my car/home/bundle insurance.
My Mom Gladly Helps Me Earn More Points for Big Travel with Small Money!

How to Meet Credit Card Minimum Spend – 40 Powerful Ways!

If you need more ideas, we’ve compiled 40 Powerful Ways to Meet Credit Card Minimum Spend.

You’ll probably be surprised to learn some of the ways you can rack up more spending with a credit card, and some people even pay a small fee if it means it will help them meet the spending for huge credit card sign-up bonuses.

What do you do to meet the minimum spending on your new credit cards?