Top 10 Loudest College Football Stadiums

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It is the start of summer break for most of us, but this won't stop any of us from thinking of the big sport that almost everyone looks forward to in late August / early September. Yep, that sport is football, and not just football, but college football. Over the past 50 years, college football has grown in popularity thanks in part to fan support, students, alumni, and the teams who put in the effort to help build their football programs to one of the best in the nation. In Division I college football, you will find the biggest college football programs ever, and what comes with large football programs? Massive stadiums. These statiums can get very loud during a game if packed to its peak capacity. So, to get you looking forward to this year's college football season in a few months, here are the top 10 loudest college football stadiums in the country.


10.) Beaver Stadium, Penn State University


Beaver Stadium is home for the Penn State Nittany Lions. The stadium was built in 1909, and was refurbished over the course of the years up to today to make the stadium's capacity at about 106, 572. The stadium is well known for it's student section being one of the loudest of any school in the nation.


9.) Sanford Stadium, University of Georgia


Sanford Stadium is the seventh largest stadium in the NCAA college football world, and can be one of the loudest. The stadium can house up to 92,746 people at max capacity. The venue makes a great place for Bulldogs fans to come and support their team to a victory.


8.) Ohio Stadium, The Ohio State University

Ohio Stadium, known as the horseshoe, this stadium is also a very loud and obnoxious stadium. Sitting deep in the heart of the state of Ohio in the city of Columbus, the stadium originally opened in 1922 with an original capacity of 66,210. Today, the stadium holds up to 102,329, with some crowds of up to 105,000, making this stadium the fourth-largest of all the football stadiums in the US. The stadium is also well known for its amazing halftime shows, thank to the university's famous marching band.


7.) Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech

Lane Stadium, ranked #1 for home field advantage in 2005, this stadium, located in Blackburn, VA, is home to the Viriginia Tech Hokies. Seating capacity in this stadium can get to over 65,000 fans, making their opponets asking themselves why they came to play here.


6.) Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee

Two words describe this stadium: "Rocky Top". Home of the Volunteers of the University of Tennessee, this stadium packs a womping 100,000 fans in its capacity. You may also notice a lot of orange around you that fill up those empty seats as fans here love the color orange, being that is their team's color.


5.) Camp Randall Stadium, University of Wisconsin

Jump around! Jump around! Here at Camp Randall stadium, the fans have a tradition that at the end of the 3rd quarter, the entire fan base begins to jump up and down in their seats to the song "Jump Around". The stadium holds a capacity of about 80,321 seats. With the jumping and fun this stadium has, it makes as one of the toughest venues to play in college football.


4.) Kyle Field, Texas A&M University

The original 12th man lives here at Kyle Field. No joke, it does. This stadium is LOUD, thanks to the fan base here. The stadium, located in College Statiion, Texas and has a capacity of 82,589. The stadium is the fourth loudest football stadium in the nation and is just getting better now that the team has recently joined the SEC.


3.) Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, University of Florida

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium; welcome to the swamp. With only a seating capacity of about 89,000 spectators, this stadium can hold some very loud fans, always holding true to their Gator fan spirit. Here, you will know why they call this place "The Swamp".


2.) Autzen Stadium, University of Oregon


Autzen stadium is home to the Oregon Ducks. Though this stadium only holds up to 60,000 fans, this doesn't stop the loyal fanbase from being very loud and proud to their team.


1.) Tiger Stadium, LSU

This isn't called "Death Valley" for nothing! Topping off at the #1 spot for loudest college football stadiums in the nation, LSU's Tiger Stadium makes the opponets want to leave this place and never return. This place is loud! What makes it even better is the night games. Night games at Tiger Stadium make it the best atmosphere to play under in college football.


So there you have it, the top 10 loudest college football stadiums. Each of these schools have a great football program, and a great stadium to play by. Most importantly, they have amazing fans who strive to help make that atmosphere alive at the stadium. If you plan on going to watch a college football game and are wanting to see a great stadium environment, then refer to these stadiums while you plan on watching your next game.