Travel Is Key to Your Mental Health According to New Study (Conducted By Scientists)

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Miles & points are actually good for your health.  It’s scientifically proven.

If you’ve never heard of “Vacation Deficit Disorder”, it’s a real thing according to a study conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs and Allianz Global Assistance.  They define a vacation deficit as  “Americans who think that an annual vacation is important, but who are not confident that they will take one this year.”

Their findings show that nearly 33% of folks with this attitude exhibit signs of “mild to moderate depression”, and 12% show severe depression.  Another interesting find is that folks with signs of depression are likely to NOT have taken a vacation in 2 years.

An abysmal number of all who participated in the survey were confident they would take a vacation this year.  Well over 50% of Americans do NOT use their allotted vacation time.  That’s just how it goes.

What is this weird stigma attached to taking time off work?

Vacation Doesn’t Always Mean a Weeks-Long Trip Overseas.  My Woman and I Flew ~250 Miles Away to Run the Happiest 5K on Earth in Chicago.  And I Felt Rejuvenated When I Got Home

Vacation does NOT indicate laziness or lack of ambition.  That time is intended for your physical and mental well being as much as anything else.  A study like this shows taking a vacation will not only make you happy during your time off, it will make you happier at work!

If you love work so much, you’d better take vacations now and again to prevent burnout.  And if you fall into one of the categories above, you can improve your mental and physical health by separating yourself from the office for a week or two.

That’s not to say that travel doesn’t come with its own share of anxiety and trouble.  Especially for folks who don’t do it often.  But I’ve found the key to less stressful vacations (and work days!) is to take trips regularly.

If there’s always another trip in the foreseeable future, you’ll always have something to look forward to.  And if something goes wrong on your vacation, or if you don’t meet some of your trip goals, you won’t be as heartbroken.  Because there’s always next time!

Heal the ulcer with a travel credit card.  And leave the stress at home.

Hat Tip:   Travel Pulse