Uncovering the Negative, Limiting Beliefs You Have

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In the last post I demonstrated how a limiting belief you learn when you are six or eight years old, can still be causing you to self-sabotage at 40 or 50 years old.

This shocks many people because they can’t even imagine that they have this subconscious programming.  All they realize is that on the conscious level – they want to be healthy, happy and prosperous.  And they have no idea that the foundational beliefs they have on the subconscious level, are undermining everything they’re trying to do on the conscious level.

So the critical action to take first is to uncover any limiting beliefs you may have.  Let me give you the three most common and dangerous ones:

Money is Bad/Rich People are Evil

Think back to your childhood.  How did your parents talk about wealthy relatives or other rich people?  What were your favorite TV shows, books and movies?  How were wealthy people portrayed in them?  (Really think about how rich people are depicted in pop culture, in every generation. The Beverly Hillbillies to Dallas, Dynasty to Succession.)

It’s Inherently Noble or Spiritual to Be Poor

Look for your exposure to organized religion first here.  Were you taught that you were born a sorry sinner?  Did your church, mosque or temple teach that your real reward only comes in the afterlife?  If you think you’re paying penance in this lifetime for being a camel thief twelve lifetimes ago, what are the odds you’ll allow yourself to be happy now?

You’re Not Worthy of Prosperity

See organized religion above.  Did a family member, teacher, coach, or other authority figure demean your talents and abilities at a young age?  Did someone tell you that you were no good and you bought the story?  Were you always compared to an older sibling and told you didn’t measure up?  Were you an incest victim or otherwise abused?  Are you a non-heterosexual and were programmed to believe this means something is wrong or broken about you?

If you have any of these three beliefs (and millions of people have all three), you most certainly are subconsciously holding back your health, success and prosperity.

You have to blow up those beliefs and replace them with ones that empower you.  Which is where we’ll pick up tomorrow.  Until then, let us know what you think below.


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