Upgrading the People in Your Life

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I believe the path to enlightenment and prosperity is a continuous progression of “upgrading” the people in your life.  Often this happens naturally, as people move away from each other and interests change.  Other times, you have to proactively and mindfully make this happen.

Like I mentioned in the last post, this isn’t about being arrogant or thinking you are better than other people.  (Although in many cases, you actually might be.) You have to recognize that different people are on different journeys.

Your best bud, who was the drummer or your rock band in high school, may not be going on the same direction as you, when you guys are 30.  People who are your drinking buddies when you’re 20, may not be the best influence on you when you are in your 40s.  People growth and reach awareness at different speeds and different levels.

I like to think of consciousness development as the size of the window through which you view the world.  As you develop, the window gets bigger, allowing you to take in more and more prosperity.  As this happens, if you’re mindful, you will notice that some of the people surrounding you are not keeping up.

• You want to watch something on NatGeo and they want to watch The Bachelor.
• You want to play chess and they want to find a happy hour somewhere.
• You desire to live in harmony and they feed off unnecessary drama in their relationships.
• You want to set aside money for investments and they want to bet it on the Lotto.
• You like to exercise and eat healthy, and they like to binge watch and drink booze.

When it comes to the breaking point, you will discover something critical:

Most people want to be surrounded by others who give them permission to stay the way they are.  And you want to be surrounded by people who challenge you to become a higher and better version of yourself.

So that takes us back to the immutable law of the universe…

Your health, happiness and prosperity will be the median of the five people you spend the most time with.

Recognizing this, you realize that that are some people you need to start lowering your exposure to.  Maybe instead of meeting for dinner once a week, you go to every other week, or once a month.  There may be groups, or social events, or specific environments that you decide to reduce your participation with.

At the same time, you consciously work to find and attract people who are operating at a higher consciousness, that you can bring more into your life.  When you become serious about self-development and personal growth – you actually make this a conscious, mindful process.

You don’t create criteria of a certain net financial worth, but you do look for people who are manifesting prosperity, harmony, and abundance in their lives.  You look to bring them into your life and think about how you can add value to theirs.

In the next post, we’ll explore what has to happen in the extreme cases, when someone is so toxic and/or abusive you need to completely remove them from your life.  But until then, here’s a question to do some critical thinking one:

How often do you put yourself in the company of people who challenge your beliefs, expand your concept of abundance, and inspire you to become a higher, better version of yourself?

– RG

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