VIDEO: Baggage Handler Flagrantly Stealing From a Suitcase

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I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I still think all people are inherently good.  I’ve never been robbed, severely ripped off (that I’m aware of), or even killed.  So I’m pretty trusting with literally everyone I meet.

On our last family trip to the Caribbean, my mom lost one of her electronic devices, and reported it to the airline as stolen from one of her suitcases.  I smirkingly waited for her to text me when she found it buried in her purse or something.  But it turns out it was stolen, and the airline reimbursed her in full.

Stolen items from my bag is the last thing I worry about.  Then I see a video like this.

A Ryanair passenger recorded this baggage handler in Ibiza yanking what looks like a red Bluetooth speaker out of a bag and sliding it into his pocket.  The passenger reported the employee to the cabin crew, who then alerted the police.

The thief was ordered to return the item, and is now being investigated.

Baggage handlers seem to be some of the most disgruntled and reckless folks of the working world.  I wonder why that is?

Have you ever suffered items damaged or stolen from your checked bags?