VIDEO: Repulsively Soiled Airplane Fuselage (Don’t Eat While Watching)

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We’ve all taken a flight or two that was memorable for all the wrong reasons.  I’ve had my share of scary turbulence, rude seatmates, even a disgruntled pilot.

Topping my list of flightmares is a flight from Ethiopia to South Africa, where I sat for 5 hours next to a gentleman with B.O. that could only be described as Orwellian.

But NEVER have I experienced anything near this video, which is thought to be a Saudia Airlines flight.

I have to turn away at the end.  It’s too much.

Express UK reports that this video is believed to be an inaugural flight between Jeddah and Addis Ababa a couple years ago.  That’s extra impressive, considering that route lasts just 2 hours and 40 minutes.  An innocent virgin fuselage decorated with debris and body fluid just a couple hours after takeoff??

Have you had a flight experience you wish you could forget?

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