Why Chase Ultimate Rewards Redemption Values Don’t Matter

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While I was attending the Chicago Seminars (a travel miles & points conference), a gentleman came up to me and asked me if I felt guilty about transferring my Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Southwest.  He said he transfers his Chase points to United Airlines for international Business Class flights because it’s a better value, and was curious why I did not do the same.

I was surprised that he was asking me this, but it makes sense.  Lots of miles & points blogs (including ours!) talk about how getting the most of your miles is very important.

Now I agree that transferring points to Amazon, or getting cash back might not be the best value.  But flights cost thousands of dollars, and that’s a big savings if you don’t have to pay it!  I don’t spend the time calculating the redemption values of the trips I book on points because there’s a large emotional component to miles & points values that should not be ignored.

Baby Arya Meets Her Great Grandmother, Thanks to My Chase Points That I Transferred to Southwest!

Why Calculating Redemption Values for Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Doesn’t Matter

Some people don’t have the time for international Business Class, or they want to fly in coach so they can take even more trips on points.  I love transferring my points to Southwest because of the memories I am making — which are priceless.

I Used Miles & Points to Fly to Venice, Italy, in Coach (and Survived!)

I did some rough math, and am projected to be saving ~$8,653 in flights on Southwest for 2018.  The reason I’ve saved so much in travel is that I have transferred Chase points to Southwest AND used the Southwest Companion Pass!  $8,653 is just the monetary cost.  The emotional cost is very important to me, too.

I’ve Used My Southwest Points for Making Priceless Memories

For example, I used Southwest points so my daughter could meet her great grandmother for the first time.  I used Southwest points so that my partner and I could take a much needed couples’ getaway after our daughter was born.  And I’ve used them to fly all around the US to see family and friends.  This is the reason why I still spend time “chasing points” — so that I can spend time with the people I care about!

YOU can also transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to any of their airline and hotel partners you want, if it makes sense for you.

What’s your favorite way to use your Chase Ultimate Rewards points?