Working with a Coach

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It happened again…

A fellow author called for my advice.  And every time I was giving him a suggestion, he interrupted me to explain why he was doing a different approach.

After five times of this, I finally stopped and told him that if he was going to ask me for advice, and I was kind enough to provide it – either he should stop interrupting me and actually listen – or just admit that he wanted me to pander to his confirmation bias.

This happens often when softball teams ask me to coach them or conduct a clinic.  I will demonstrate to a player how positioning their feet different, or changing their swing path to the ball will help them hit better.  Then they explain to me why they are hitting their current way.

It’s takes an astute person to receive feedback without getting defensive.  Doesn’t mean the feedback is always good.  But if you don’t actually listen to it and use your discernment and critical thinking, you’ll never know.

If you want success, prosperity, and to improve in any way – look for guides, mentors or coaches who can help you.  Then really listen and evaluate what they tell you.  Or stop wasting everyone’s time.

How you doing on this?


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