Yikes! Amazon Auto-Enrolling AMEX Cards in Shop With Points, Don’t Let Them Steal Your American Express Membership Rewards Points!

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If you’ve ever used an American Express card to make an Amazon purchase, you’ll want to pay extra close attention the next time you check out.

A few months ago folks were having an issue with Amazon defaulting to paying with their AMEX Membership Rewards points, and they were unwittingly paying with their points!  You can use AMEX Membership Rewards points to pay for your Amazon purchases, but it is a terrible value (you’ll get ~0.7 cents per point in value).

Plus, I got an email from Amazon yesterday saying that they are “launching a new feature that automatically enrolls your American Express Membership Rewards® card to Shop with Points at Amazon.com.”

Umm…no thanks!

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It’s not clear that this auto-registration in the Shop with Points program will default your payment to AMEX Membership Rewards points or just automatically give you the option to pay with them.  But I figured it’s worth a heads-up, just in case.

I checked my account and when I selected an AMEX Membership Rewards points earning card, it did not default to paying with points.  However, I have had that card in my Amazon account for a while and had previously set the default to not pay with points.  So if you have an American Express card in your Amazon account that wasn’t previously linked, you’ll want to double check the default payment settings next time you checkout.

You can see which cards are linked to Amazon’s Shop with Points by signing into your account through this link.  If you made a Shop with Points purchase that you didn’t want to make, folks have had success getting their points refunded and changing the payment method by contacting Amazon customer service.

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Was your AMEX card automatically set to pay with points?  Please let me know in the comments.

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