You Are a God

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For most of us, we begin as creatures of circumstances.  Things “happen” to us and we react to them.  This is the base stage of existence.  Your environment dominates you and you’re probably subjugated by victimhood and fear.

Unfortunately, many stay in this stage for their entire lives…

These people only act when they are acted on.  It’s a life of mediocrity, lack, and limitation.

You are not meant to stay at this stage.  You were born to become a catalyst, to love, create, and evolve.  You were born to be rich and prosperous.  But this requires self-awareness.  Instead of being randomly provoked by thoughts others send your way, you must become the thinker of the thought, mindful enough to think about what you think about.

The day that happens you should get a cake and blow out the candles, because that is the day you are truly born.  That is when you start to access the inherent power within your being.

You are a god.  You commune with other gods.  Live accordingly.


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