You Can Now Add Foods to Atlas Obscura

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Since we launched Gastro Obscura in November, many of you have sent us tips about amazing foods and drinks that you’ve encountered around the world. Javanese coffee that bubbles with a red-hot lump of charcoal. The Midwest’s multicolored mystery swirl of Superman ice cream. Nepal’s bottomless mugs of millet beer.

Our community of travelers, readers, and explorers have added more than 13,500 places to Atlas Obscura, our guide to the world’s hidden wonders. So we’re thrilled to announce that you can now also add foods and drinks. Currently, we have 500 entries. To expand that to thousands more, we’ll need your help.

Tell us about the lesser-known dishes, curious cocktails, and rare ingredients that reveal a hidden side of the food world. Have you sampled fruits with surprising flavors? Been mesmerized by a vendor whose cooking technique was a dying art? Savored a mash-up meal that also told the story of a culture's diaspora? We want to hear about it. Check out our Food FAQs for further guidelines on what we’re looking for. Or just start adding foods now!