Your Big Breakthrough

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In the last post, I told you that when you reach the 51 percent in positive thinking, you have broken through and are on the way to health, wealth, and success.  Here’s why:

Changing your thinking and the way you think is an incremental process.  It slowly changes, step by step.  But once you reach the magic 51 percent mark, now you’re on the positive side of the ledger.  Now you’re rolling the snowball down the mountain, as opposed to up the mountain.

Of course you still have negative thoughts sometimes.  We all do.  But thoughts feed on like thoughts.  And once you are at 51 percent, you have a slight majority of positive ones to feed on.  So soon it increases to 53 percent…  Then 57…  And it keeps going from there.

I don’t know that you ever get to the point you think positive all the time. (You’re still being assaulted with negative programming 24/7.)  I know I haven’t yet.  But you do get to the point where you cross the line.  And that manifests some positive results in your life.  Which builds positive beliefs.  Which creates more positive thoughts.  And then you are on a self-fulfilling cycle of prosperity…

Ain’t it great!


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