Your Greatest Adversary 

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Retailers want to sell you a bunch of stupid shit you don’t need.  Credit card companies want to charge you interest rates that would make the Mafia blush.  Governments want you to be an indentured servant in the collective.  In fact, everywhere you turn there are people and institutions that want to harm you for their selfish ends.

But they are the least of your worries… 

Your greatest adversary is the person you see in the mirror every morning.  The one that doubts your abilities.  Fears your greatness.  Wants you to wallow in mediocrity and self pity.

The next time you see that person, tell them to fuck off.  Tell them to send the other person back.  The one that knows what you are really capable of.  The one that celebrates your greatness.  And the one who wants to live a life of challenge, adventure and growth.

You know that person is inside of you.  Let them come out to play.


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