ZynTravel Review: Is Zyndio Good MLM or Scam?

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One of the major advantages of choosing ZynTravel as your source for discount travel booking is the fact that you will get unmatched discounts on hotels and resorts. There has been much talk about this brand new Zyn Travel MLM company, so today we are going to take a closer look and provide a quality ZynTravel review. You may have already read or heard about this MLM travel company because there are plenty of ZynTravel review style articles circulating on the internet about them; for example, as one of the more accurate write-ups for a , see this post by Karen Monasingh. However, many of these reviews seemed to be biased in nature. Today, our goal is to provide you with an entirely unbiased look at the new MLM start up and the Zyn Travel compensation plan. As you can see by the ZynTravel Facebook page, they have some .

ZynTravel Compensation Plan

Once a member, affiliates will be paid commissions upon recruiting each new associate. In this instance, the  will be determined by the level of membership (silver, gold, or platinum) the newly recruited Zyn Travel affiliate chooses. They are as follows:

Silver Club Membership for $49.99
25% Travel Commission
$75 Travel Credit
$150 bonus for completing the Silver Cycle Tree

Gold Club Membership for $199.99
50% Travel Commission
$300 Travel Credit
$600 combined bonus for completing the Silver and Gold Cycle Trees

Platinum Club Membership for $499.99
100% Travel Commission
$750 Travel Credit
$1,350 combined bonus for completing the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Cycle Trees
In addition: Customer Lifestyle Bonus
In addition: Customer Global Bonus

Zyn Travel MLM Opportunity

When you first enter the Zyn Travel back office, the first thing you notice is how professional it looks. You can tell right away that the parent company behind ZynTravel, ; and has spent both time and money developing their travel website to better serve their affiliates. With that kind of investment, you have to lean toward Zyndio being an MLM program that you can trust! Another thing that you will find about the website is that everything is transparent and to the point. Affiliates looking to sign up to become an associate can easily find out how much it costs with just a few simple clicks.ZynTravel affiliate earning financial benefits while traveling

So What About Their Products

Many of you who are seasoned MLM marketers know that having a solid product line is the backbone of a successful MLM company. When you take a look at the products that the  offers, you will find them to be not only solid by highly sought after. ZynTravel product line includes deals on beautiful five-star hotels, memorable escapes and some of the finest resorts in the world! As an MLM marketer, it is always a plus to have such attractive products.

The Truth About ZynTravel

After  and what they are offering associates and the compensation levels, it is clear that this is one MLM opportunity that’s too good to pass up. Not many MLM travel companies offer this low of a membership fee. One of the major advantages of choosing ZynTravel is the fact that you get up to 85% off over 200,000 hotels and 15,000 major resorts. As you can see, the  is far from being a scam. If you love to travel and make money at the same time, you really should check out this opportunity!